Cannabis sativa

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For the Healing of the Nations

The Cannabis genus of plants are extraordinary and of great value to humans. They are from the family Cannabaceae which belongs to the nettle order Urticales. Nettle is a powerful medicinal plant and so too is Cannabis.  The Cannabis plant was demonised by plastics industry in late 1930’s.  It was promoted as mad “Mary Jane”.  It has come to be seen by some as a crazy ‘drug’ comparable to the powders.  Of course like any other powerful medicinal plant it can be bred, marketed and manipulated to give the desired heavy drug affect and can actually be bred to create negative effects on the human brain.  This is not the Cannabis we are talking about. 

This plant is the most grown and studied on  the planet today.  It is cherished and genetically manipulated by vast numbers of horticulturalists looking for the ultimate strain. This obsession has led to much research and the table is set for the new era of medicinal applications.

Of course Big Pharma and all the corporations have been rubbing their hands together in glee awaiting the time to swoop in and take full advantage of this situation.  Already artificial synthesis of this plant has begun.  This is quite unfortunate as it has been shown that plants have stronger medicinal benefits if grown naturally and one could even go as far as to say by the person using the medicine.

The Cannabis plant and the Coconut palm have a good deal in common in that they both have unique healing properties, nutritional benefits and many other additional uses. The Coconut is also called The Tree of Life. Cannabis is similar as it helps humans and the planet in so many ways. The plant can be used for fibre to make clothing, paper, ropes, hemp concrete and hemp plastics. The main benefits being that it breaks down. Plastics are now destroying the ocean and the filling up the land fill.

Hemp seeds and oils are also remarkable foods that provide us with omega 3, 6 and 9. The medicinal benefits are only just being accepted by modern medicine. Benefits that provide pain relief without the dangerous side effects of the opiates. Perhaps my favourite benefit of the hemp plant is the fact that it doesn’t need much water to thrive and stops soil erosion whilst putting valuable humus back into depleted soil.

This plant is the most widely grown of all plants on earth. It has become a fascination for many and breeders have experimented with more and more potent strains, concentrating on the THC component to get a better, stronger high. Now of course cannabinoids are the molecule that growers are concentrating on for medical strains and the famous strain Charlottes Web in Colorado is one strain that is high in these cannabinoids. So now a new chapter will be created for this remarkable plant breeding medicinal strains with a renaissance in it’s medicinal powers.  Cannabis is miracle plant and a gift to humanity.

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Learn about the demonisation of hemp by the plastics industry in the 1930's and the unique receptors contained within it that lock into our brain.

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