Rawganique Men’s Daytona Elastic-free Hemp Boxers

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Daytona Elastic-free Hemp Boxers. The Daytona Elastic-free 100% Hemp Knit Boxers are the purest underwear on earth and one of our most popular!! Similar to the most luxurious handmade linen and silken undergarments from the Old World. The RG809 Elastic-free Daytona Hemp Knit Boxers are soft, cozy, breathable, silky, and super soft (as soft as cotton and silk). Hand-crafted in house. Featuring our new tissue-weight 100% hemp knit (the world’s first and only), which is so light, cozy, silky you’ll keep the RG809 Elastic-free Hemp Boxers on all day and into the night. Heritage one-ply knit. Doubled up at the crotch for durability. A note on sizing: If you’re new to elastic-free, consider ordering a size smaller than you wear in underwear with elastic. Just like conventional underwear looks oversized when you fully expand the waist band elastic, so does elastic-free. The drawstring pulls it together, but still, you probably can do with less of the extra fabric for more comfort. Featuring natural dyes from oregano leaves, oak bark, and bilberry fruits. All done in-house for true purity and environmental sustainability: we grow, weave, knit and sew each pair with love and care in our European atelier. Handwash (or machine wash on delicate cycle in a mesh garment laundry bag. Line dry. Steam iron, if desired. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. Why do many people prefer hemp underwear over organic cotton underwear? Because of hemp’s superior breathability. Hemp fibres wick away moisture at a fast rate, so you never feel trapped in moisture. Many customers with skin allergies and rashes often find that their discomforts disappear by just switching to hemp underwear. Hemp’s breathability also keeps the groin temperature lower, resulting in more comfort and reported enhanced fertility. One degree can make a big difference.


  • Elastic-free RG809 Daytona 100% Hemp Knit Boxers from organically grown European hemp. Made in-house for true purity. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free. S – XXL. Natural, Oregano, Oak, Bilberry. The purest boxers on earth! 100% organic hemp feather-weight jersey knit. No elastic. No Lycra. No Spandex. No latex.
  • elastic-free hemp boxers


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