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Make the most of Indian Hemp Seed. Sow it Everywhere – George Washington 1795

Rasta and the Sacred Herb Sacrament

Rasta is more than a religion, more than a philosophy. It is more than red, gold and green bead, and brooms and chillum pipes. It inspired but is much more than reggae music. Rastafari is a protest. It is a sifting of the sands of Western propaganda and indoctrination in a search for truth. It is a rejection of materialism, malice and weakness. It is the embracing and promotion of one love brotherhood of mankind, a unity, an ‘inity’. The earth is being decimated by human activity. There is no doubt that humans are in plague proportions and it is only going to escalate. Rasta believe that true culture is clean food, water, air and shelter/clothing. It is a well-known fact that the poorest people on earth are also amongst the happiest showing gratitude for the fulfillment of these basic needs. Yet even these basic human needs are now under threat.

Rasta Hemp will be the Salvation for the Australian Soil and Water Shortages

Desperate attempts to reduce the population explosion are seeing food control reaching extreme levels. The stashing of thousands of seed samples in Slavbard Seed Bank is the most blatant corporate genetic material grab ever seen. Small farmers are being threatened with enormous fines for saving and distributing their own seed amongst themselves. No aid is given unless they sign away their rights. Once the local seed is gone it is gone forever, except for the samples in Slavbard which are then no longer accessible to the people who provided the samples in the first place. Ras Tafari was created as a backlash to the slavers and now we are all slaves to these warlords. Corporate and Government warlords and slavers where empathy is absent and growth is the bottom line. Time is running out, Fukushima, the BP oil spill, the burning of the Asian and South American Forests, oceans full of plastic the size of plankton, melting glaciers. It is time to stand up and take back our rights as free-living humans. No one has the rights to ownership of water, seeds, air and old growth forest. We can live off the grid if we want. The pure land that remains needs protection. Once it’s gone it’s gone forever.

Cannabis Medicinal Information

The Cannabis plant is a plant that can help us. We can get food from it, rich in the Omegas that we need. We can build shelters from it and make cloth. We can hold down and enrich the soil, preserve water and stop the desertification of the Australian drylands. The medicinal potential of this plant is profound and we all need more information. Thank you to all of those fighting on the front line and risking their lives for our future. Read more here