The Nazarenes

A simple life does not diminish, it fills 'Rumi'

The Essenes [Nazarenes] lived on the shores of lakes and rivers away from cities and towns mostly and practised a communal way of life, as mentioned sharing equally in everything. They were mainly agriculturalists having a vast knowledge of crops and soil and climatic conditions which enabled them to grow a great variety of fruits and vegetables in a comparatively desert area and with minimum of labour. They had no servants or slaves and were said to be the first people to condemn slavery both in theory and practice. There were no rich and no poor among them, both conditions being considered by them as deviations from the law, they established their own economic system based wholly on that law of God and showed that all human beings food and material needs can be attained without struggle through knowledge of the law. They spent much time in studies both of ancient writings and special branches of learning such as education, healing, astronomy, they were said to be the heirs of the Chaldean and Persian astronomers and Egyptian arts of healing. They were adept at prophecy for which they prepared for with prolonged fasting, in the use of plants and herbs for healing they were likewise proficient. They lived a simple regular life, rising each day before sunrise to study and commune with the forces of nature, bathing in cold water as a ritual and wearing white garments. After their daily labour in the fields and vineyards they partook of their meals in silence, preceding and ending in prayer, they were entirely vegetarian in their eating and never touched flesh foods nor fermented liquids. Their evenings were devoted to study and communion with the heavenly forces. Membership in the brotherhood was only attainable after a probationary period of a year, and three years of initiatory work, followed by seven more years before being given the full inner teaching. From it’s antiquity, it’s persistence through the ages, it is evident that this teaching could not have been the concept of any single individual or a particular people but as the interpretation of a succession of great teachers of the law of the universe, the basic law, eternal and unchanging as the stars in their course, the same now as 2 or 10 000 years ago, and as applicable today as then. The teaching explains the law shows how the human beings deviations from it are the cause of all our troubles and gives the methods by which we can find our way back, our way out of that dilemma.” … RASTAFARI!