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NOW DISCOUNTED! ITS TIME TO GROW HEMP! This is the ONLY E-Book That Will Take You By The Hand And Show You Step By Step How To Grow And Market Hemp For Maximum Profits. You probably know that between 2005-2008 hemp food sales increased on average by 47% per year, making hemp one of the fastest-growing natural food categories. Not only that, but the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), a trade association consisting of hundreds of hemp businesses, estimated the total retail value of North American hemp food, vitamin and body care product sales to be in the range of $113 -129 million US for 2009. The Problem Is That There Is A Serious LACK OF SUPPLY Because There Aren’t Enough Farmers Growing Industrial Hemp… Industrial hemp doesn’t require herbicides There are fewer biological pests to industrial hemp. Hemp can be used to restore depleted soils Hemp is easy to grow Hemp is an ecologically friendly crop Paul Benhaim is that author and has been involved in the hemp industry for over 15 years. Starting Europe’s first hemp foods company, and the worlds first hemp plastics company, Paul has authored six books including “A Modern Introduction To Hemp”. Owner of websites including and and amongst others. Over the past decade I’ve amassed a lot of knowledge on what it takes to grow hemp for profit – knowledge that comes from being involved in hemp growing, processing and manufacturing and from working with successful hemp farmers across the globe. My services as a consultant are not always affordable, so I have put all the information I know in one place and will share that with you today. So If You Are Ready To Have Your Most Important Questions Answered, You’ll Want To Know How The Experts Grow Hemp For Profit. Still not sure? see for full list of questions this book will answer, just don’t delay as NOW is the time to get involved with this growing industry.